A MiniDest is a small remotely operated and automatic modular distillery designed to be installed in farming facilities for the production of corn ethanol and animal food, which adds value at origin.

MiniDest works with complete integration into the field processes. It is an innovative concept designed for the maximization of results in farming facilities since it allows the industrialization of corn at its harvesting location, and, as a consequence, provides clean energy and highly nutritional animal food.


Circular economy

MiniDest is introduced as a solution for agricultural producers which responds to their need to reduce the costs of logistics and energy use. It helps integrate the industry into the agricultural field work in order to promote a circular economy:


  • It helps integrate the industry into the agricultural field and, thus, add value at origin.
  • It is 100% automatic and operated remotely by engineers.
  • Experts’ control: Our engineers use ControlDest to operate each MiniDest remotely in order to ensure their optimal operation.
  • GOLD TERNIUM Expoagro 2017 award for agroindustrial innovation.


  • Savings in logistics and shipping
  • 50% reduction of caloric waste due to its integration into animal feeding
  • Reduction of alcohol production cost by liter
  • Same transformation efficiency as a full size plant


  • Clean and renewable energy production
  • Generation of energy amount equivalent to 2.6 times the consumed energy
  • Higher efficiency of energy use
  • Reduced truck circulation and pollution due to reduced need for transport
  • Fostering of circular economy